Worthy Audio

Welcome to Worthy Audio

Worthy Audio was founded with the intention of partnering with well-regarded manufacturers in the audio industry to offer products that are worth your time and consideration. 

As long-time active members of audio forums like Head-Fi and Changstar (now Super Best Audio Friends) who have demoed countless headphones, amplifiers, DACs and speakers on the market today, we've developed a strong appreciation and respect for companies that cut the bullshit - those that design great products worth their asking price without relying on snake oil or marketing hype. 

Through meets, get-togethers, and past business ventures, we've met many of the people that work for these companies, and you can learn more about them in our manufacturer storybook.

Here at Worthy Audio, we are enthusiasts first and foremost. We geek out listening to awesome gear, and love the look on ours friends' faces after they put on great pair of headphones for the first time. We believe in every product on the site, and we're always available to answer questions about anything that you want to learn more about.

Our hope is that the site makes your own personal journey towards finding the perfect audio setup all the more fulfilling. Happy listening!   

What's New

Pardon the Mess - You might notice we have a ton of new pages for Chinese audio products we're getting ready to offer on the site. Building pages and writing copy takes time, so it might be a while before that section of the site looks pretty. Feel free to purchase as the inventory is there, or else wait it out for a bit until we get everything up and running.

Demo universal models of CIEMs from Ultimate Ears and CustomArt - give them a listen for yourself! Also, a huge lineup of new products set to be launched very soon. Read all about it here.

I give an insider's look into how CustomArt's Piotr and I designed the Ei.XX.